• Tony, you and your boys are, by a mile, the best I’ve ever seen at this job. Truly, truly amazing and deliver incredible stuff every single time, sometimes under a lot of pressure. I’ll be calling you for Season 3, and any job I have! You guys are the best, thank you

    Eric Kripke, Showrunner - The Boys
  • That was the most amazing special effects day I’ve ever been a part of. You and your team are ridiculous, thanks.

    Paul Gross, Director - Hyena Road
  • You guys captured some great elements and they will be be a huge help in solving some of the visual hurdles I’m having with these shots. You Pulled it off! Thank you.

    Rob Del Ciancio, VFX Supervisor
  • You guys went above and beyond on set today and it did not go unnoticed, thank you.

    Hartley Gorenstein, Line Producer - Resident Evil Series
  • You literally made magic from sand for us. I know how tricky that location was for you and your team and you still persevered.

    Brian Bell, Producer - Sony Pictures
  •   #InTheKennysWeTrust

    Eric Kripke, Showrunner - The Boys
  • Wanted to say thank you for an amazing job with all the water tank work. You guys are miracle workers and we are the beneficiaries of your supreme talent and dedication! Thank you so much!

    DeVon Franklin, Producer - 20th Century FOX